Do you know dads who could use our service?

Although we try and make our network as open and accessible as possible, we realize some dads might need to be pointed our way. And although we'd like to imagine we can help all dads, we realize sometimes we might have to hand things off to a professional. As a result, we're always looking for intake sources (how prospective mentees access our service) and escalating resources (where to pass on serious cases we unfortunately can't solve on our own).

If you think you can bring dads to our attention (or vice versa), we'd like to talk. Fill out the following form and someone from our organization will be back in touch as soon as possible.

In particular, if any of the following apply to you, we welcome the chance to hear how we can work together. 

  • Prenatal Education Training Providers
  • Prenatal Medical Care/Family Planning
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centres
  • Legal or Judicial Resources (esp. family legal services)
  • Psychiatric Care Providers/Counsellors
  • Corporate Human Resources Departments

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