Our Vision

A community of dads supporting each other in a way that works for men.


Becoming a father can be a daunting experience.

Most, if not all, of the complex emotions a new dad or dad-to-be is feeling are a normal part of becoming a parent, but without a place to express them they can bottle up and become unhealthy – and not just for the father himself. Without support services or information tailored to their specific risk factors and coping mechanisms, some fathers can  fall through the cracks.

Fathers & Friends aims to offer a pathway to correct or prevent that. Men typically don't access professional care until it's too late. They also often don't feel feel willing to talk about their troubles openly with family (too close) nor with a group of semi-strangers (too exposed).  Instead, we have built up a model we believe works better for the way new dads are looking for support or infomation. We call it "the mentorship of equals".  

We connect new dads with another dad who has been through similar experiences. We enable one-to-one, face-to-face communication which encourages honest and open connections. This connection is designed to work at the direction of the participants, not a schedule or a billing cycle.

We’re not a traditional support group; We’re a peer-to-peer network of dads who want to help you grow into this new chapter in their life, whether you’re ready to celebrate or if you need some time to get there. We won’t put you on the spot in a sharing circle or leave you in the crowd as just a paying customer. What we can give you is a network of friends ready to let you talk – in confidence, and with an equal – about whatever you want to talk about, as often you want to talk about it, and for as long as you want to.

Our vision is fathers who help build each other up.

We can help each other navigate this life shift and all it's related questions

We can help each other navigate this life shift and all it's related questions


Do you want to talk to a mentor? Click here. Do you want to become a mentor? Click here.