Make a Difference

Together, we can do great things

Your generous donation will allow us to have a sizeable and long-term positive effect on families across the country. By keeping dads confident, healthy, and involved, we can effect change not just for dads themselves, but also their partners and children, and hopefully instill the kind of positive impression of fatherhood that encourages the next generation of fathers to be their best as well.

By our evidence-based estimates, the social impact multiplier of our programming is approximately 26. This means for every dollar donated, we are able to realize broad-based economic benefits of $26. This comes from

  1. The avoided costs of lost productivity from mental health/stress leave
  2. The positive family-building value of involved parents
  3. The long-term outcomes of children raised in happy and healthy two-parent households

Please note that while we are legally incorporated as a non-profit organization, we are seeking charity status. This means that in the future we hope to be able to issue tax-refund slips for donations, but cannot yet do so.

If you're not able to donate, but are willing to help out by becoming a mentor, please click here