We are dads helping dads. We are Fathers & Friends.

We are a network of fathers who support and help other fathers and fathers-to-be navigate this momentous life shift

We are not a discussion group, nor a clinic. We are a group of equals, treating each other with respect; one-on-one.

We can help you talk through whatever you need to talk about; nagging doubts, relationship issues, health troubles, conflicts, work-life balance, etc.

Being a dad isn't easy. Why do it alone?


How It Works


1. Contact your local chapter

We maintain a growing network of dads in multiple cities, particularly in Metro Vancouver. A leader in each city will put you in contact with a fellow father who has similar experience


2. Talk it over

Once you're matched with your mentor, the two of you have total freedom to talk about whatever you want, whenever you want, for as long as want. You are in charge. Do you need to vent? He'll listen. Do you need advice? He can offer it. Do you need support? He can help. 



3. Define your our own success

You can continue the mentorship until you're confident and comfortable. If you still need more time, you can have it. If you need more resources, we can connect you with another avenue to success. We're not here to distract you from another path. We're here to help you find your own path.



4. Pay it forward

Whenever you're feeling ready, we are also here to provide you the chance to become a mentor yourself. We believe mentors get as much out of mentorship as the mentees do.


We help more than just dads

When we help fathers be confident in their new roles, we help families too. Read more about our wider social impact.